148th Anniversary Event

The Battle of Champion Hill

May 14, 2011


A Photographic Journey

Clione Rochat, San Saba, Texas



Mannequin of Darwina Loud, a freedman school teacher at Champion Hill in 1865. All mannequins designed and made by Bertha Lewis; assisted by Norman Lewis &

Essie Stewart.

Henry and Paula Little, supporters of the Champion Heritage Foundation, work the tee-shirt sales

Jerry McWilliams, right,  displays Civil War artwork

Re-enactors stroll the church grounds in period dress

Rebecca Blackwell Drake, greets the crowd before dedicating the book, Leaves: The Diary of Elizabeth Meade Ingraham

Polly Marshall, reenactor, reads poignant letter written  by

Elizabeth Meade Ingraham

Reenactor resting in front of the "tent house" depicting the Champion family before the war

Poster relating the lives of the four children of

Sid and Matilda Champion

Historic poster detailing the lives of Sid and Matilda Champion

Mannequin of Matilda Champion made by Bertha Lewis; assisted by Essie Stewart and Norman Lewis

Mannequins depicting the Champion children at home in their “tent house”

Members of Champion Hill MB Church
selling plate lunches for picnic

Champion Hill MB Church cooks preparing lunch

Kenon Ruska, reenactor, works on a Civil War quilt

The Champion's dinning room table that surgeons used for amputations during the Battle of Champion Hill

Sue Moore signs books for Jane Meynardie (back center),
the g-g- granddaughter of Elizabeth and Alfred Ingraham.
Jane’s sons, John and William, are also in the picture

Sue Moore (left) and Rebecca Drake, co-editors of The Diary of Elizabeth Meade Ingraham

Sue Moore visits with Sam Price, Vicksburg historian 

Bill Wallace, g-g-grandson of Elizabeth & Alfred Ingraham, with wife, Alecia, and daughter Sarah. Bill is also the
g-g-nephew of General George Meade

Charles Tucker (left) and Mike Beiser, reenactors, enjoying the crowd

Tim Waltman, sound system engineer for main event

Posting of the Colors

Sid Champion sharing stories of his great-great grandmother, Matilda Champion, and how the Champion Hill Baptist Church came to be in the midst of a battlefield

Polly Marshall, reenactor, performs during the  dedication of Elizabeth Meade Ingraham’s Diary

Rebecca Drake introduces Jane Meynardie and Bill Wallace, the great great descendants of Alfred and Elizabeth Ingraham and the great great descendants of Union General George Meade, the Hero of Gettysburg.

Confederate and Union infantry salute honoring  Elizabeth Meade Ingraham, Civil War diarist from Port Gibson

Rebecca Drake and Sue Moore honor Emma Crisler, owner & editor of the Port Gibson Reveille.

Crowd capturing history in the making

Johnnie Lewis and Sid Champion unveil Midway Station historic marker while Polly Marshall reads text

Infantry salute to all who fought in the Battle of Champion Hill and the Vicksburg Campaign

Young reenactors enjoying the day

Reenactors stroll the grounds while enjoying  the crowd

Noah Drake Goodwin of Ellisville, Mississippi,  intrigued by Darwina Loud, mannequin

Essie Stewart of Bolton  enjoying every moment of  the historic event

Korie Christian and Duane Johnson assist Jim Drake in setting up the Historic Marker

J. P. Allen and Terry Brantley at the Friday lunch
provided by the church


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