148th Anniversary Event

The Battle of Champion Hill

May 14, 2011


A Photographic Journey

Don Sides, Coffeeville, Mississippi


Sid Champion and Johnnie Lewis unveil the new historic marker.

Dr. Sidney Bondurant (left) and Sid Champion (right)
visit with Dave Hovey, the great-great nephew of
General Alvin P. Hovey.

Clark Burkett, MDAH, introduces James Drake and Dr. Bondurant for the presentation at the “Graveyard on a Mound.”

General Hovey’s map enlarged to show new interpretation of the Champion Hill Battlefield

Dr. Sidney Bondurant reads a quote by Alvin P. Hovey regarding the Battle of Champion Hill. The article was published March 8, 1885, in the Indianapolis Journal and later in the New York Times

James Drake, webmaster for http://BattleofChampionHill.org website identifies new research about Midway Station Road leading into Matilda Champion’s second house site.

A pen and ink drawing made during the Battle of Champion Hill by Theodore Davis as compared to a present photo
(above) of the same scene

Rev. Billie Abraham, Rebecca Drake and Polly Marshall are "all smiles" over the success of the 148th Anniversary  Event

Union and Confederate infantry prepare to give
infantry salutes at main event

Young reenactor enjoys the day on the Champion Hill battlefield

Don Sides (right) of Coffeeville visits with
Dr. Sidney Boundurant of Grenada

 Rebecca Drake introduces Johnnie Lewis as a life-long resident of Champion Hill and a property owner of portions of the Champion Hill battlefield west of the Hill of Death


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